Friday, January 13, 2012

For Variety's Sake

It's carnival time y'all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have any idea what this means? It's my favorite time of year, and I can't freaking wait. This year I'm going to be documenting the creation of my Mardi Gras costumes, since so many people always ask me for tips on how I make mine. Fashion designer I 'aint, but I know enough to make 'em look good. In fact I wrote a DIY Mardi Gras costume article for this month's issue of New Orleans Magazine, pick up a print copy or read it online here.

Photo courtesy of Charle'

I've been working on my Mardi Gras costumes since Halloween and I already have a jump start on next year. Yea, I might be slightly nuts but this is serious stuff.

 I took a trip out to Jefferson Variety last Saturday to purchase some important finishing touches for our costumes. Normally I try to thrift and re purpose everything, but sometimes a girl just needs to buy brand new sequins. Enter Jefferson Variety, an unassuming building in an industrial looking part of town. 

Walking into this place is like dying and going to Mardi Gras Indian heaven, or beauty pageant queen heaven, whichever you prefer. Everything was starting to get picked over when I went, but there were still mountains of sparkly trim, appliques, and fabrics luxurious enough for Carnival royalty. 
Appliques for days
No idea what I'm using these for, but sequined shrimp had to come home with me.
Rhinestones in every shape and size
Sparkles everywhere
So many bolts, the options were endless

So have you started working on your Mardi Gras costume yet? Any idea of what you're going to be yet?

Jefferson Variety
239 Iris Ave.
Jefferson, LA

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